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“From the whispering shadows of haunted Ustalav an ancient evil rises to grip the world in a new age of horror! Amid the mists of this land of dark superstition and dread secrets stand both those who would defy the return of evil and those who would seek its terrible favor. Can the heroes discern their allies from their enemies in time to save a tortured realm from a tyrant’s return?”


Die by the Sword is a bi-weekly Actual Play podcast using the Pathfinder RPG system. In this adventure, follow our Game Master and four players as they delve into Paizo’s first horror themed campaign, Carrion Crown. Filled with immersive storytelling, real dice rolls, dramatic twists, and off-the-cuff comedy, this weekly podcast is sure to keep you coming back for more.




Logo created by Alex Bihm

Theme music by James Armitage


And a special thank you to Midnight Syndicate and Sword Coast Soundscapes for allowing us to use their music and sound effects to enhance our games.  





A fantastic live play RPG...

I've been listening to a lot of live-play Pathfinder podcasts lately, and this one has rapidly risen to be one of my favorites. It's actually the second podcast running this Adventure Path that I've listened to, and the first one left me cold. This one has made me want to run Carrion Crown myself. 

Great audio quality, a good group of personalities, and an engaging GM all make this well worth the listen. 

AaronUnicorn - 12/24/2019

Banter Aplenty

I love the group dynamic, the theme, the setting, the characters, everything.

You guys are doing a wonderful job, and I'm very glad I found y'all early on in this podcast's run. 

Kyto9 - 12/23/2019

I enjoy it greatly :)

The story is interesting, and it's easy to visualize what's happening. I really look forward to the other episodes. :)

Dr the President of Video Games - 7/18/2019


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