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Meet the Cast

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Gary Eoff

Game Master

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Gary is the host and Gamemaster of the Die By the Sword Podcast.  Originally from the small town of China Spring, TX,  he's been playing table-top RPG's for over 15 years now and got his start with Vampire: the Masquerade and the other World of Darkness games created by White Wolf.  It wasn't until he went to college at the University of Texas at Arlington that he discovered D&D.  He played that with a few of his friends and was hooked on the D20 systems of gaming.  He played D20 Modern and the Star Wars RPG and just fell in love the intricate stories and rolling dice.  

He had  to take a bit of a break to finish up college, but several years later he found a few co-workers who were just as equally nerdy as he was.  After they all listened to The Adventure Zone and then the Glass Cannon Podcast, they all decided it was time to start their own group. The group settled on Pathfinder and that's all they've played since. 

Gary is also an actor in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex.  He graduated with an Associate Degree from KD Conservatory College of Film and Dramatic Arts in Dallas and a Bachelors Degree from Purdue University online. He's worked in several theaters around the region as well has having a few stints in movies and TV.  He's had the pleasure on working on Olympus Has Fallen, Dallas, The Leftovers, Lone Star, and Murder Made Me Famous.  Or you may recognize him from that State Farm commercial with Andy Reid! Just imagine him with a drawn on mustache. 


John Blizzard

Diego Dominus - Catfolk Monk

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John Blizzard has been playing D&D since shortly after college. Originally from the small town of Welch, WV, in McDowell County the location of the “Rocket Boys”, and has played many versions of RPG from D&D 3.5, Fudge, Planet Mercenary to Home-brew with a wild arrangement of scenarios. John also DMs D&D 5e games in Dallas for Adventurers League and for charity events and gaming conventions.


John is a graduate of WVU and UT-Dallas in Computer Science and Software Engineering and prefers to spend his free time playing fun games be they RPG, board or sports.


Phillip De Leon

Renly Schädel - Aasimar Witch/Skald
Thurskel Schädel - Aasimar Bloodrager
Genoeva Natacia Ursula de Cascabel (Genny) - Human Sorcerer/Cavalier

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Phillip has been playing RPGs since he was a wee boy of 36, and still has no idea what he is doing. Coming late to the magic of games like Pathfinder or that other one with the alliteration is a regret he just has to live with, because they are fun. Tell 35 year-old Phillip about the enjoyment playing pretend could bring and he would have laughed square in your face. Not really, but the perceived stigma this genre of game comes with is something he is glad is wearing away. Especially with all these podcasts. Have you ever looked up how many of these there are? Good thing he has a job, for now.

Too shy to be an actor, not talented enough to be a singer, and only mildly rhythmic, Phillip has only been left with one option: Work in the offices of arts organizations throughout the area. He has been helping the performing arts since the year 2000. <falsetto singing> In the year 2000! </falsetto singing>


Keith Thomason

Kabal - Tiefling Inquisitor

Gruburt MacAvoy - Half-Orc Druid

Porkchop - Grippli Cleric of Serenrae

Yaneeko - Tengu Ranger

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Gary Garcia

Xo'bere Emogen - Fetchling Rogue

Thwip McClintock - Human Swashbuckler

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Gary found a love for RPG’s in middle school when his best friend introduced him to Marvel Superheroes. After that, it was on.  He formed a small group friends (and his brother) who would beg their parents to drive them so they could get together on weekends and over summer break. For a couple of magical years they would dive into the worlds of Palladium’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Robotech (sometimes combining the two), Mechawarrior, Car Wars, and of course Advanced Dungeons and Dragons. Sometime during high school, he kind of got away from  RPG’s but he’s super excited to be playing Pathfinder, even if he doesn’t know all the rules yet. Gary is also an avid aquarist (ask him about his tank), fisherman, home cook, and he loves video gaming (Bioshock and Fallout are faves). He also has an affinity for buffalo wings, bourbon, and beer...but not at the same time (unless you’re into it). 


Gary has a deep appreciation for music (shout out to the Dallas music scene) and the performing arts. He has and still works in performing arts venues in the DFW area. In fact, that’s where he met Phillip and made him be his friend <falsetto singing>in the year 2000</falsetto singing>.

Although Keith is new to the world of Pathfinder and D&D, having only been playing for year, he has been gaming since he was 18.  His gaming career started when a friend introduced him to Magic: the Gathering during Onslaught block and he was immediately hooked.  He fell in love with the complicated mechanics, amazing story telling, and in-depth character development. He played competitively for many years with several local tournament wins.  Recently, a group of gaming friends asked him to try D&D for the first time.  Nervous, but excited, he took the plunge and has enjoyed it ever since.  He continues his RPG journey by joining the cast of the Die by the Sword Podcast to see what fun adventures lie ahead. 

Keith graduated with his Masters Degree in Accounting from the University of Texas at Dallas.  In his spare time he enjoys video games, softball, and working out.  Some of his favorite video games include Final Fantasy VII, The Legends of Dragoon, and Final Fantasy Tactics.   He has an extreme passion for music and can recite lyrics from songs with ease which you will surely notice throughout the podcast.

Daniel Henderson

Daniel grew up enjoying the gamut of various fantasy-based entertainment. From playing Final Fantasy, to collecting and playing Magic: The Gathering, to reading Dragonlance novels, Daniel grew up on high fantasy settings and stories. He dabbled in D&D 3e back in the day, but he was unable to find a consistent group (as is often the case). It wasn't until the summer of 2023 when Gary E. mentioned that he was looking for another player that Daniel jumped on the chance to join the group at the tail end of Book Four and has continued on with the group.


Daniel graduated from the University of Texas at Dallas (Go Comets!) with a Bachelors in Accounting. When he isn't counting beans, he spends his time working out, reading, playing softball, playing videogames, or working on his fiber-based crafting. He is currently playing the Final Fantasy VII Remake and the new expansion for Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail.

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