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Player characters who have died or left the show

Thurskel Schädel
Aasimar Bloodrager

Played by Phillip De Leon

Killed by The Splatter Man while trying to clear the abandoned Harrowstone Prison

Artwork by Miguel Villegas

Zenobia Serpentri

Played by Elizabeth

Human Slayer

Killed by the Aberrant Promethean at Schloss Caramarc 

Artwork by Miguel Villegas

Vivian Heatherton

Played by Noelle

Half-Elf Cleric of Shelyn

Returned home to Almas after the stress of adventuring and losing Zenobia and Thurskel proved too much for her.

Artwork by Miguel Villegas

Rodrick Illiescu

Played by Richard

Aasimar Magus

After discovering his father was still alive and was a werewolf, Rodrick set off for the Shudderwood Forest to find and cure him.

Artwork by Miguel Villegas

dwarf final art.png
Dwarfy Dwarferson

Voiced by Gary Eoff

Played by Phillip De Leon

Dwarven Warpriest/Cleric of Torag

Artwork by Franmr

Killed by Adimarus Ionacu in Feldgrau

Renly Schädel
Carrie the One

Played by Phillip De Leon

Aasimar Witch/Skald

Renly Artwork by Miguel Villegas

Carrie Artwork by Franmr

Killed by Auren Vrood in Feldgrau

Kabal final art.png


Killed by the Scion of the Sea at the Recondite Order of the Indomitable Sea in Illmarsh. 

Tiefling Inquisitor of Pharasma

Played by Keith Thomason

Artwork by Franmr

Xo’bere Emogen final art.png

Xo'bere Emogen

Left to find a place to put Kabal and Plüg to rest. Also took the baby found at the Undiomede House to find a good home. 

Fetchling Rogue

Played by Gary Garcia

Artwork by Franmr (2).jpg

Gruburt Macavoy

Killed by the Dark Young of Shub-Niggurath in the Mi-go tunnels in Avalon Bay

Half-Orc Druid

Played by Keith Thomason

Artwork by Franmr

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