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We have partnered with Manscaped to bring you the best in below the waist grooming.


We all know how scary shaving below the waist can be. That's why we trust Manscaped! Whether it is the Lawn Mower 5.0 Ultra, The Beard Hedger, or their Boxers 2.0, Mascaped has you covered. 

Visit and use offer code DBTS at checkout for 20% off and free shipping


NTSD Gaming passionate about making and selling cool accessories that support the community of people they love - nerds telling amazing stories, and sharing a table together! They produce many of our items in house, and carefully curate and present the products they import, so that you have a range of elegant, stylish, and durable accessories that bring your TTRPG experience to life.

They are known for their high quality bespoke vegan leather goods and unique designs, curated dice collection in elegant glass wax sealed vials, and their ability to accommodate custom design work for players interested in exclusive designs, and branded merchandise for their podcasts and creative endeavors. They make sure their products speak for themselves, and their customer service is about relationship building, and supporting players like you!

Visit for all your dice needs!

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